Introduction to Shopify

Shopify is also a convenient e-commerce platform. Then Businesses begin selling to your customers. Wherever they are. Finally, that helps your small business construct an online store. Moreover, Shopify is a cutting-edge e-commerce platform designed. Further, it helps businesses of all sizes sell their result online. In addition, with the Shopify store, you can easily sell online stores. Besides, manage inventory process payments, and fulfill orders.

And then, our platform is user-friendly and intuitive allowing you to focus. After that Again, on growing your business and looking to expand. What’s more, your online presence or a startup just getting started. Equally important, Shopify is the perfect solution to help you succeed. However, with our robust set of features flexible customization options. Comparatively, Apart from this, and unparalleled support, you can feel confident. Afterward, your online store will be up and running smoothly in no time. Finally, there are 43 Shopify stores in Pakistan.

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Add Product on Shopify Store

  • To Shopify admin goes to add products.
  • Secondly, To the products, page click to add product.
  • Title for your product with additional details.
  • Click to Save
shopify store

Create a Collection on Shopify Store

  • Once you, To your Shopify admin, go to the Products Collection
  • Secondly, Clicks make a collection
  • Add a title and description from the collection
  • In the Collection part of the section click Manual.
  • and then Click to save.
  • To the product section, search for products or click Browse. And then the product you have to want in the collection.
shopify store
Add collection

Create the Gift card to the Shopify store

  • Firstly Go to Shopify admin goes to the product and click the Gift cards.
  • Click on Gift card products.
  • Add a new gift card product to select one. If you want to add new gift card products. Click to add a gift card.
  • Gift card information is in the following steps.
  • When you have done click to save.
shopify store
Add gift card

Create a blog post on Shopify Store

  • To your Shopify admin click on Settings Apps and sales channels.
  • And then To the Apps and sales channel page and click on the online store.
  • Click to open the sales channel.
  • Click to open a Blog post.
  • Click to Add a blog post.
  • Click to save.
shopify store
Add Blog post

Create CSV file

  • Click to Export.
  • The dialog box chooses a product and wants to export. The present page of the product.
  • Select to type of CSV file you to expert. CSV file for Excel Numbers, or spreadsheet programs.
  • Click on the Export product.
shopify store

  Shopify Theme

Subsequently, Shopify Themes are the templates our marketer use on e-commerce stores. Additionally, Thousand of business owners every month download many templates. Whereas Many templates are created by our partner band. At this time You can design for the theme store if you trust my post.

  • In the Theme library part, click Add a theme and then click Upload a zip file.
  • The upload theme window clicks to select a ZIP file you want to upload.
  • Click to upload. The theme will be added to the admin page.
shopify store
Add theme

Earn money with Shopify

  • Start an E-commerce Store first.
  • Build on a Shopify Dropshipping Business.
  • Set off a Shopify Affiliate Marketer.
  • Start your own Accessory Brand.
  • Develop your niche product and retail it well.
  • Set up a local online store.
  • Sell Digital Products.

 Start a Shopify drop shipping business

  • Select your store name.
  • Generate a Shopify Account.
  •  Optimize settings.
  • Build an online store.
  • Work on your store.
  • Install the dropshipping app.
  • Make your sale

 To add new pages on Shopify

  • Log in to your Shopify dashboard.
  • Click on the online store and Shopify pages.
  • Click to add page and press it button.
  • Topic your new page and add content.
  • Set it pages and visibility.
shopify store
Add page

 To add Navigation to the Shopify store

  • On Navigation, the page clicks the title of the menu you want to edit.
  • Click on to add the menu button.
  • Enter the name of the menu items.
  • Click on to link field and then enter a website.
  • An external website or select the link.
shopify store
Add menu

 Sell on Shopify

  • Firstly Sign Up for Shopify for a free trial.
  • Choose your Sales Channels.
  • Set up payments method.
  • Create a collection page.
  • Add some products to sell.
  • Set up your online store.
  • Test order and go live.

Disadvantages of Shopify store

  • Finite design customization.
  • It can be costly.
  • Payment processing and business fees.
  • No entrance to email storage.
  • No entrance to Marketing Automation.

Advantages of Shopify store

  • Simple to use E-commerce  Platform.
  • Also, support for a comprehensive business.
  • So little Startup Costs.
  • Simple setup and Quick  use
  • No automation worries
  • Customer support
  • Ready mobile
  • Personalized
  •  Are the following apps for SEO and Marketing

Shopify Pay Method

Unquestionably, Shopify provides different ways of receiving payouts. Obviously, including PayPal and Wire Transfers.Clearly, to specific payment methods in your country or region converted to currency. Shopify pay is a payment method. Offered Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows business. To create and then manage online stores. Absolutely, pay allows customers to store. As well as Their payment information and shipping address make. Without a doubt, It is easier and faster for them to check out. And also make a purchase on the Shopify store. Indeed, With Shopify pay customers no longer need to enter their payment. Shipping information for each purchase. The information is securely stored. It can be retrieved for future purchases.

Start a Shopify store

  • In brief, select your business name
  • design a Shopify account
  • Add product
  • set your payment method
  • Customize check out
  • Generate policies
  • Free shipping rate
  • As a result of setting up your taxes

Elements of a Good Website Header

  • Logo: your logo should be on the header center or top left corner of your website.
  • Navigation: The most important web pages in your navigation bar.
  • Search bar: Make it easy for your website visitors to find the page or product looking for.

Elements of the good website footer

  • The Shopify admin goes to the theme and then clicks on customize the theme.
  • Similarly, choose the customer block section and scroll down the footer position.
  • You will also see the footer link is set.
  • Such as if you want to edit the title to appear for each block. So just change the text in the title.

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